10 Stream2Watch Alternatives for Online Sports


Stream2Watch is one of the popular websites which offer free streaming services for watching sports online.

This site has a major disadvantage in that it is been restricted in a few of the countries and for some complicacies about copyright, the site is been shut down eventually.

10 Stream2Watch Alternatives for Watching Sports Online

Stream2Watch alternatives are:

1. Sports365

Sports365 offers only live streaming of sports. That means any previous videos of sports cannot be watched as those are not stored on this site.

The links of live streaming of sports are visible on the homepage of the site and if no link is present there, then that means there is no game streaming live at that time or is scheduled later.

This site has a well-designed structure it. There is a drawback for this site that it shows some of the ads in order to support its site.

2. Mama HD

Mama HD looks like a simple site but the design is quite good and it is a very organized site among all the free sports live streaming sites.

All different types of sports are streamed live and no content is stored in this site. It provides high HD quality during the live stream.

No account is required to be created in this site and it is also free of ads. The drawback of this site is that it is not at all reliable for customer service. Errors in live streaming is very less.

3. WiziWig

WiziWig is a site that does not have many active links for live sports streaming but one thing is good that you do not need to create an account in this site.

You are allowed to change the latest time zone of this site if you want to do so. This site sometimes streams live TV shows but most of the time links for sports is available.

Another good feature is present for the ones who are interested, that is, radio streaming. The site is very simply designed and is easy to use as well as could be navigated easily, so this benefits the users a lot.

4. First Row Sports

First Row Sports offers few additional categories such as Ice Hockey and Olympics which is not found in other free streaming sites.

It provides a classic experience whenever you watch a game in this site as its offers very smooth streaming.

No account is required to create to start it. You just need to be patient with the ads in this site as it is been financed through these ads only.

5. Stop Stream

Stop Stream is very much less known among people but it provides a good quality streaming service. No need to create an account for watching.

Ads might randomly pop up and disturb you a bit. This offers another good feature that is paired up with Channel Surf for live television streaming service.

You can watch any TV show as it links you to credible sources for this purpose. This is one in all streaming service for everyone, so all of you can try this site anytime.

6. Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon has a bit of dull design but it is very organized in nature and is a free streaming site for watching live sports. It is free of ads and runs very smoothly.

For streaming this site you need not create an account for it. All different types of sports are streamed on this site.

This site has a nice feature that it provides you with the option that it stores previous streams and you can easily re-watch it if you want to experience the games more than once.

7. Sport RAR

Sport RAR is a premium site for streaming sports but you can access the content on this site free of cost and for this, you need to have an account in it.

This site pops up so many ads that could link to the opening of some malicious sites. So you need to first activate the ad blockers before you enter this site and use it.

The good thing is that streaming is very smooth and there are less or no buffers at all. It consists of different sports categories for you to choose.

It offers a lot for you as you can watch live streams, the past streams, and the streams that are yet to start you can watch that also.

8. Squid TV

Squid TV provides you with live access to all the variety of sports from all over the world and is a nice alternative to Stream2Watch.

Sports events are featured in this site from Spain, Hawaii, Afghanistan and many more. For streaming no account is required to be created.

This site has very less design in it. It looks like a premium site but it is not at all a premium site. The site offers free streaming to the users and is also free of ads.

9. Stream Whoop

This site provides American streams to live sports and is good site for the users. You will not require an account for streaming sports for free.

The layout of this is cute and very less ads show up. This is a very simple site which can be used by the users and they could also navigate it easily.

It has a feature called re-play, from which you can re-watch the previous sports events.

10. Strike Out

Strike Out is such a site which is considered to be the most favourable one and there is also a reason for it as it allows the viewers to watch NBA, NFL and UFC matches in this free streaming site.

The sports lovers will just love this a lot. In this site, no ads show up and it can be handled efficiently by the users. It consists of all well-organized contents in it.

You need not have to create an account for streaming this site, so you can freely watch your favourite sport anytime.


All these sites are completely legal and allow free streaming services for sports lovers. You can get all the sports channels in one go in these sites.

In these sites you can watch your favorite sports live or can re-watch it and enjoy the experience of watching it.

These sites are really reliable alternative sites for Stream2Watch and serves your purpose to watch the sport events.

You will love these alternative sites a lot as their layout and design is simple and very much easy to handle for the users as well as you don’t require to create accounts in these sites.


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