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10 Best Sites Like KimCartoon


The love of cartoons is one thing that brings people together. We used to spend a lot of time as kids watching our favorite tv shows.

However, with the digital trend, we can now find these shows on websites such as KissCartoon.Firstly, one can say that Cartoons are enjoyed by people of all ages.

KissCartoon is one of the most popular websites for binge-watching cartoons. Cartoons are one thing that one will never get tired of seeing.

Everyone enjoys animated films, series, and comic books, from the age of nine to ninety. So, how would it feel to have all of their favorite cartoon shows and movies in one place?

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Yes, KimCartoon is a place where one can find cartoon shows and movies from all genres. It is a non-profit organization that offers its programs for free.

Kim Cartoon has a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Advantages of KimCartoon

At first, we can define some of the advantages that can be given where anyone can watch it from anywhere. It is free – unlike Netflix or prime, users do not have to pay for something.

  • No need to pay money
  • Can be accessed at any time and from any location
  • No computer limitations
  • Can switch from one page to the next spontaneously

Disadvantages of Kimcartoon

In general, Kimcartoon-like websites are prohibited in many countries.

Some countries have also outlawed the website due to the enormous sums of money it costs the cartoonists to create the cartoons.

  • Publishes cartoons without the permission of the creators.
  • Is banned in a number of countries.
  • It Will result in fines and jail time.
  • The available cartoons are of low quality.
  • It is essentially illegal in any way.
  • Theft of a computer infected with viruses.

Is it Legal or Illegal to Watch and Download Cartoons from Kimcartoon?

Sites like kimcartoon are notorious for containing a wide range of copyrighted material.

This means that they are appropriating them for no reason on the internet without their separate specialists’ consent.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are the polar opposites of each other. Netflix and Amazon Prime have films that have been purchased by experts for a fee. They are granted permission to broadcast them.

Further, the kimcartoon me animated film download webpage does not do so. The right owners suffer significant financial losses as a result of this.

This is the reason why certain websites, such as kimcartoon me film pages, are limited in many countries.

10 Best KimCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online

1. KissAnime

KissAnime is once again one of the best options for watching cartoons and anime. The website has a large set that is alphabetically arranged.

There are dubbed and subbed anime and cartoons available, as well as genuine positive reviews.

The website also brings users up to date on the most recent releases, as well as reviews and critic scores. If you want to watch later, they also offer streaming and downloading options.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

This is the first website on our list that resembles KissCartoon in terms of design and appearance. This website is very user-friendly for kids.

The website has a prominent navigation bar that can carry the user to additional categories for easier browsing when looking for their favorite cartoons and animes.

The advertisements on the website are also very kid-friendly, so this website in particular offers a very healthy place for your children to watch their favorite cartoons or animes.

3. CartoonExtra

CartoonExtra is a refined video entertainment site that includes all of the favorite cartoons as well as a wide range of movies, anime, cartoons, and comics.

They have a variety of popular shows such as The Loud House, The Daily Show, SpongeBob Square Pants, Adventure Time, and Dora the Explorer, to name a few.

Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, Regular Show, and The Fairly OddParents are among the latest films such as The Grich, Henchmen, Ana y Bruno, and other well-known cartoons.

4. Anime Toon

When one is compiling a list of the best KissCartoon alternatives, Anime Toon should be at the top of the list. This website’s interface is extremely user-friendly.

Children can quickly navigate and enjoy the web when looking for the cartoon they want to watch. On a monthly basis, it receives about 3 million visitors.

The website has a large selection of animes, both dubbed and subbed, as well as pictures and other media, all of which are grouped into various categories and subcategories.

5. CartoonCrazy

If you’re looking for an alternative to KissCartoon, Cartoon Mad is a brilliant option. If you’re looking for dubbed anime or cartoons, you should go to CartoonCrazy.

It has a large library with every kind of anime and cartoon you might like. This site is popular in a number of countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others.

With over 12 million monthly visitors. If you want to watch cartoons online, go to CartoonCrazy Alternatives.

6. Masteranime

Masteranime is another choice for kim cartoon on our list. This is a mandatory registration in order to access or stream the website’s free content.

It also has a comment section where users can leave reviews on the cartoon movie or film, which can help you get a better understanding of what the show is about.

Masteranime has a unique and impressive film library, making it a viable alternative to KimCartoon.

7. CartoonsOn

Here if one is looking for a trustworthy source of cartoons online, CartoonsOn is the place to go. It is the best place to watch the favorite cartoons online at any time and from any location.

If one is a fan of a particular character, one can always visit the site’s Characters section, where one can find Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry,  Ben 10, Batman, and many other popular characters.

8. Eyeonanime

Eyeonanime is the largest website for free HD streaming and download of anime series and movies. This website has a variety of categories with a variety of genres.

As soon as the subs/dubs are open, new anime episodes are added. You’ll find both old and new items in this section. This is a must-visit spot for anime fans.

9. Toonova

Toonova is a common Kisscartoon alternative because it uploads new cartoon episodes as soon as they are published.

It has a small range of cartoon series and animes, but it streams all of the famous high-quality cartoon series, such as ‘Rick & Morty,’ ‘Adventure Time,’ and others, for free.

It’s a common anime destination with a simple user interface and easy-to-navigate architecture.

10. ToonGet

ToonGet is an option that every fan of animated films should be aware of; it is a real treat for them. It has a large selection of recently aired shows, as well as the most recent movies.

As a result, you won’t have to go here and there. As a result, it proved to be a convenient KimCartoon substitute.

Final Words

Finally we can say that there are the few KimCartoon alternatives that has been defined them in terms of their features and capabilities.

Many people find that watching cartoons and animated movies lifts their spirits and relieves tension. It is important to be aware of certain KimCartoons parallels and alternatives.

It allows one to move between websites based on their preferences and security measures. Some websites may be blocked as illegal or insecure, but one can still access other websites.

Further, one can enjoy their journey back in time to their childhood while having this site visit. Also, many people enjoy watching anime because it transports them to a different world of fun and comfort.

Whether a person is an adult or a teenager, watching an anime series or a movie is an experience that no one can describe.

5 Best VPN for 2023


VPN is a kind of private network that gives you online privacy by protecting your IP (internet protocol) address. Through this service, you get security from online surfing.

In this way, it is a very important thing to use that protects you from cybercrime as well. It hides your activities which are monitored by services providers.

Hence it is going to be difficult for ISP to track your activity on the internet and they will not able to record it as well. Now there is a question that always pops up in mind that.

Its use is legal or not, so the answer is it depends on countries like in some countries it is legal but in some, it is illegal to use. For instance, China, Iran, Turkey, and UAE are those countries where its use is illegal.

In this article, you get to know the important information about the best VPN which you can use to decide the best one.

5 Best VPN for 2023

1. ExpressVPN

Well everyone thinks of ExpressVPN as the best VPN service in 2023 with quite a good service facility. It is accessible on any device rather it may be a phone, pc, or desktop.

It let you access the sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They give you 24/7 service so that if you face any technical issues you can easily get the solution through the customer support team.

It is slightly expensive approximately $6.67 per month, but due to its features, this cost makes it worthy. You can use this app on Windows, Android, and Mac devices.

2. NordVPN

It is the other most famous VPN service across the world. Another thing is it is less expensive than ExpressVPN, which also enhances its popularity.

This offers a high range of security along with the best customer service. You don’t need to worry about speed as it gives quite a fast-speed facility. All the facilities provided by them are good for beginners.

And also users have the choice to turn on the Double VPN system that is an extra feature of it, which encrypts your network traffic twice. Generally, this service comes up with in-built ad blocker that is known as CyberSec.

NordVPN understands your privacy that’s why it never record your IP address or browser history and all. Normally, it collects minimum data that is also completely anonymized.

Well, the servers of NordVPN are RAM-based like ExpressVPN so that your data is not stored on their servers.

Its accessibility is excellent with any streaming site like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. You can also use it for torrenting as well as for P2P servers.

If we compare its cost with ExpressVPN, then the result is it is less costly than ExpressVPN with the cost of $3.71 per month for a contract of two years. In this low amount, users get customer service for 24/7 hours.

3. CyberGhost

If you are searching for a friendly and easy-to-use VPN service at an affordable price, CyberGhost is the best option for you guys. It offers its services up to 46 servers including HBO, Netflix, YouTube, and many more.

Its services are utilizing for torrenting around the world. Although you don’t get that much speed as you get on ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but find good speed on nearby connections.

It costs you just $2.25 per month for three years that is quite good. Not only the cost is good but they also provide one day trial along with the guarantee of a 45-day risk-free refund.

Like other VPNs, they also provide a 24/7 live chat facility with support agents to solve all issues.

4. IPVanish

Although it has some issues in past still has good fame in 2023. IPVanish is the best VPN service provider with fast speed and a solid privacy facility.

Approximately 40,000 VPN servers are provided in 75 locations. It works well with Kodi or Firestick so you can use it.

It provides the best security without storing your data. You can use it for torrenting and P2P by combining it with the Kill switch.

Well, it has a fast speed for downloading and uploading with nearby servers, but there is 10% loss is observed in downloading speed. It’s not a big deal, as its fast and secure services make it popularized.

Its app is also available for Android, Windows, and Mac devices. Here you don’t get a DNS tool that’s why you can use it on a games console.

Although it has excellent features, still it is not useful for streaming purposes. And also in some countries like China or Turkey, it is not working.

5. PrivateVPN

Although it is the last option in this list of 5 Best VPNs for 2023, it has as much importance as another VPN has. PrivateVPN offers high-performing services in a very simple manner.

Hence it becomes user-friendly. It has a very good speed with a small server network, although not that much like the above one provides. Well, you do not get adblocker services in its VPN services, this is the negative thing about it.

Otherwise, it is the best VPN for 2023. Everyone can afford it due to its reasonable pricing plans along with a 7-day free trial facility. It is accessible on almost all devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

Their customer service is not similar to others, that they do not provide 24/7 service; they only give chat service.


A VPN is just simple software that has two main functions- the first one to mask your IP address and the second one is encryption of websites you visit.

Through this, it makes sure your privacy and security on the online platform. Due to the increase in the number of cybercrimes, the use of VPN is a must.

We hope through this article, you get an idea about VPN and the 5 best VPN. So, don’t waste time and use any one of the VPN to keep all your data and personal information safe for hackers and Cybercriminals.

Don’t forget to mention your view of this article in the comment section. Stay safe from cybercrime!

10 Proxy Services for Anonymous Web Browsing


A proxy server acts as a mediator between the user and service provider or the internet. It brings the data on the internet on the behalf of the user.

Normally what happens when you surf on the internet, all your data like browsing history, and all are recorded by that server. In some cases, you can’t have accessibility to certain web content.

But when you use a proxy server, it hides your IP address and sends its IP address to the service providers. It allows you to browse restricted web content as well.Despite this, it also gives you security from internet malware.

Out of the security concern, some people use it to access those sites which are not accessible in their locations due to the restrictions imposed by the government and others.

Many companies also use proxy servers to store data in cache storage that they can access again without any problem. It is also used for sharing internet connections to various devices.

10 Free Proxy Services

Everyone wants all these benefits but for free. We know that that’s why we come up with this article- 10 Free Proxy Services for Anonymous Web Browsing. In this article, we cover all the Proxy services which you can access freely. So go through it find out which one you like.

1. Hidester

Hidester is a simple, fast, and free anonymous web proxy server. All its users give it good reviews and responses, that’s why it comes at the top of this list. It is a well-known server due to its reliability.

It has its servers mostly in the US and Europe. It protects all your information related to browsing history, logs in detail, and others.

Hidester also has free tools that are free to its users to access along with its web proxy features. These all could be an extra benefit for users to get in one place with a full security concern.

2. Hide.me

Hide.me is similar to the above one in protecting and hiding your online activities. In this way, it maintains to secure your privacy on any online platform.

It offers exciting features like no ads and all at no cost. That means you have a good offer to access such features for free. And no one wants to miss this opportunity.

Chrome web store gives an extension facility for it. Along with all these, it also provides a virtual private network for privacy and security concerns.

3. Proxysite.com

If you want to protect your data on social media websites then Proxysite.com does the best job for you. It hides your IP address so that you have accessibility to those sites which are restricted in your area.

By using it you don’t need to be in that country whose website you want to browse. It also provides an extra feature of block ads that gives it more popularity.

By using this server you can switch to many servers to use sites of multiple countries at the same time. They secure your browsing history and detail safely with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

4. Kproxy

Well, it is quite different from other proxy servers. It has many unique features that you will never get in any other. The best thing about this proxy server is, you don’t need to install other applications to use it on your device.

Like other proxy servers, it will also change your IP address. Although it is free but not fully free. Its free version has some time limit after that you have to purchase subscription plans.

In the Pro version, you will get an ad-free experience, downloads, and also accessibility to some of the premium servers. It also has extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

5. Hide My Ass

In short, it is HMA- a well-known VPN provider with a huge number of servers across multiple countries. It is available in the free and Pro version as well, so that users have the option to choose accordingly.

These two versions have their features such as the free version for simple private browsing and the pro version for games and apps. It allows you to access restricted sites. It protects you from online malware.

6. VPN Book

VPN Book has its servers in some countries like Europe, the USA, and the UK. It provides online security without any registration. That means you don’t need to go through sigh up the process and you can freely access this proxy server.

7. Whoer.net

Whoer.net is another type of proxy server with a wide range of popularity. Its servers are accessible in around 16 countries.

Everyone can use this proxy server very easily as it randomly selects a server for you so you don’t need to worry about the selection of a server. It is completely safe and secure to use.

It does not record your browsing history in this way you can easily surf on the internet without any security issue. But you have to login into it then only you have the accessibility of its features.

8. MegaProxy

This is the best proxy server among the given ones due to its unique features. Here you have the option to block cookies that you get whenever you go on any website. And also allows you to block ads.

Hence all these features make it different from others. But there is a disadvantage in using this server that you can access only a few websites at a time.

And also you aren’t able to use it on some media files or HTTPS sites. Except for this limitation, it is quite an excellent option for all users.

9. Zend2

Zend2 is considered the best proxy server for YouTube and Facebook. This server provides all privacy and security features without any charges. The other features of it are almost the same as you see in the other proxy sites.

Through this server, you can easily conceal your all online activity and protect yourself from internet malware. And also all of its services are free so anyone accesses them.

10. Croxyproxy

It is the best server for streaming online anonymously. And also you can access it for any kind of streaming whether it is audio or video. The interesting thing about it is you can use it without any other software or application.

Along with that users can access it on any OS like Android and Chrome OS. You can use it as an alternative to VPN as well.  Hence, it is a free and secure web proxy server.


Well out of these, there are other many proxy servers available on the internet. But we find these as the best one so we come up with this article of 10 Free Proxy Services for Anonymous Web Browsing.

Well, all of these options are good and of course free as well; we can’t give priority to any particular proxy servers. Because all of them have their own advantages and disadvantage.

That’s why we recommend all these proxy servers, now it’s your choice, and need to select which one you would use to secure your data online.

So, we hope now you get enough idea about what are proxy servers and why you have to use them. Try any of the given proxy servers to protect your privacy during surfing on the internet.

And in last please don’t forget to share your views on it and if you are using any of the proxy servers except these then tell us in the comment section. So enjoy your browsing and Keep yourself protected by using proxy servers.

Top 10 Chia Anime Alternatives


If you are an anime lover then, of course, you listen to Chia Anime – a free anime website to watch the latest animated movies and series. Chia Anime provides top anime series to its users with quite good features.

It has a huge collection of various anime movies, series, and top-rated programs like Highschool of the Dead, Naruto and so many.

It has movies of all genres such as comedy, action, thriller, and adventure, etc mostly in two languages are English and Japanese.

With all these features it gained much fame among all anime lovers and more downloaded sites. But now all the services of this site are gone shut down due to copyright reasons.

But we understand your problem and we have come up with this article to help you to select the best alternative in place of Chia Anime.

So go through this article and select any one option which you like the most. Let continue your journey of anime movies watching with one of the given sites.

Top 10 Chia Anime Alternatives

1. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is the best streaming website for various anime series and movies. If you are a fan of animated movies and series then surely you know about it. It has a user-friendly interface.

You get the latest animated movies and TV shows here as they updated their content from time to time. There is a list available according to the various categories.

It is similar to another anime website, here you get a similar kind of service as you experienced on another site. The movies and TV shows available on this site are of good quality and you can adjust the quality as well.

The annoying thing about it is ads in between the movies that are not much liking part. Overall it is the best site for online watching animated movies in just one click.

To access all of its features you just need to do registration and yes you are ready to watch anime movies.

2. KissAnime

It is another streaming website for all anime lovers. It has many unique features which give it millions of users. It gains popularity among its users because of these features.

You can access the content and download it. It has a well-organized and user-friendly interface which is the best thing about accessing this site.

Another thing is they update the content hence you get new series and movies. You can also search for your favorite movies and series as they give you a search option as well.

3. Animeheaven

If you are an anime lover and want to watch animated movies for free, so this is for you guys. This site offers a huge variety of movies and series with downloading facility.

Like other sites, this site also provides movies and series along with a short description that gives a gist about the movie.It gives you a search option at the top so that you can search movies as per your choice.

It is the amazing thing about it. You can access this site very easily as it has a simple interface. So enjoy animated movies on this site.

4. Animeultima

Animeultima is another option in this list of anime movies website. It is also a free anime streaming website so you can enjoy your favorite anime movie.

Here you can mainly watch cartoon series, if you are a cartoon lover then it is the best site for you. This site has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Anyone, even a new user can also use it very easily. It also provides various series of dramas and novels. This is the extra feature of it.

You always get the latest animated series, here as they update the site regularly.Despite these, you can also get the downloading facility. Due to these features, it becomes more popular among free anime users.

5. Animeland

Animeland is an excellent website with its simple and attractive interface. This makes it more popular among anime lovers.

Well, all the categories of movies and series are easily observable on the top of the site so you can choose accordingly without wasting much time in searching.

The movies you can enjoy in any quality which you want, as you can adjust the video quality.  This site has a huge collection that you can access free of cost.

6. Animestreams

Animestreams is designed for all anime lovers as here they get anime movies and series for free. It provides a similar feature as you found in other anime streaming sites.

It is a fully free website where you will enjoy a variety of animated movies and series. Animestreams is the best site with its excellent features.

The interface is also very good and user-friendly. You have to go through it at once and access all its features for free. You will get a good experience of streaming.

7. 9Animes

Like the above ones, it is also designed for the streaming of animated movies and series. It is another streaming site for all anime lovers.

This site offers various kinds of categories of movies like romance, action, thriller, adventure, and comedy as well. All these different options give you more entertainment.

As the videos are available in good quality and also ad-free that is the exciting part of it. Another exciting thing about this is you don’t need to do any registration to watch movies.

That means all the content of this site is present for all users without registration.  To access all the content you just need to open the website and watch your favorite anime movie.

8. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is a good alternative to Chia Anime as it offers the same facilities as you get on Chia Anime site. But it also has some unique features that give it a little bit more users than other sites.

First of all, it offers all the anime movies or series for free. And also free subtitles give users the best experience. Although the interface is quite simple and easy to use the quality of the video is also good.

9. Animenova

Animenova- an anime streaming site, is simple and also very decent in appearance. It has a quite good interface as other sites have.

The movies are arranged as per their categories that are best for users to choose from, according to their interests.

And also it has updated content so that users can watch the latest anime movies and series. Hence it is the best option you have to try at once…

10. AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is the last option in our list of alternatives to Chia Anime, but of course not the least.

It has quite a good number of users. The movies and series available on this site are of different categories such as comedy, thrill, action, and many more.

As the interface is simple and easy to use hence a novice can also access it without experience.It provides free as well as a premium facility to all users.

The best thing about it is that they regularly update their content so users would watch the latest anime movies and series. They also concern with video quality so that users experience high-quality content.

Due to all these features, AnimePlanet becomes a popular anime streaming website. So don’t take it lightly, you get exciting experience on it…


Well, you all know that Chia-Anime – a free anime streaming website, is not exists so far. Many countries block it due to some security issues. But you don’t need to worry as we bring lots of other options for you in place of Chia Anime.

We hope you read this article thoroughly and get to know which site is best for you to enjoy anime movies. If you have other options despite the above one then please let us know.

And if you like anyone option out of the mentioned one then of course tell us in the comment section along with your experience with that website. Have a great watching.

This App Can’t Run on Your PC – Fixed


One of the most common issues seen by Windows 10 users is “This software can’t run on your PC.” This mistake can appear in a variety of forms and can affect a wide range of applications, ranging from Windows default applications to third-party application software designed for the Windows Operating System.

This App Can’t Run on Your PC

We’ve outlined the most effective ways to resolve the “This app can’t run on your PC” error message in your system in this article. Follow the actions outlined below to effectively resolve this issue.


1. Run an SFC Scan 

SFC scans are similar to other system scans in that they check for corrupted or damaged files on your system. When you run an SFC scan, it looks for corrupted or damaged system files in your system and, if any are found, the software will either repair them or replace them with a cached duplicate.

It is one of the most efficient methods for resolving the “This app can’t run on your PC” error. To run an SFC scan on your Windows 10 system, follow these steps.

Step 1: First, use the Search bar to look for the Command Prompt option in your system.

Step 2: From the list of results, find Command Prompt and right-click it, then choose Run as Administrator from the right-click menu.

Step 3: In the command prompt window, type sfc /scannow and then click Enter.

Step 4: After the repair is complete, restart your computer to see if the error has been repaired.

If the problem message persists, move on to the next suggested solution.

2. Make Sure You’re Running The Correct Version of the Software

In general, there are two versions of Windows 10, a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version, for each variant. As a result, any third-party applications created for Windows 10 can take advantage of all of the features that the 64-bit edition of Windows 10 has to offer, and it also comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

If you see the “This app can’t run on your PC” error notice while running a third-party application, the first thing you should do is double-check that the version of the application you’re using is compatible with the version of Windows 10 on your system.

For example, if you have a 64-bit version of Windows, you must use the 64-bit version of the application with it, whereas if you have a 32-bit version of Windows, you must use the 32-bit version of the application.

By following the procedures outlined here, you may determine which version of Windows is currently installed on your computer.

Step 1: Using the Search field, look for ‘System Information’ in your system and press Enter on the first result.

Step 2: When the System Information window opens, go to the left navigation menu and pick System Summary. On the right side of the window, look for the System Type option.

Step 3: Next, see if the application you’re trying to execute is compatible with your system.

The problem is usually solved by running the application in compatibility mode. Make sure you’re using an administrator account to execute the application. Follow these steps to start the application in compatibility mode.

Step 1: To begin, right-click the application and select Properties from the enlarged menu.

Step 2: Select the Compatibility tab from the properties box that appears.

Step 3: Select the ‘Run this programme as an administrator’ and ‘Run this programme in compatibility mode for:’ option checkboxes under Settings and Compatibility Mode, respectively, after accessing the Compatibility tab.

Step 4: Next, select the Windows version that is appropriate for your system.

Step 5: To save the changes, click the Apply button, and then quit.

Step 6: Restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.

Many difficulties can be solved using this way. If not, move on to the next option.

 3. Install The Latest Version of the Windows Store

If the prior solution didn’t work, this solution may be able to assist you with this error. We’re going to upgrade the Windows Store in this solution. Follow the steps outlined below to update the Windows Store.

Step 1: To begin, go to the Windows Store.

Step 2: In the top right corner of the tab, click the Options icon, which is represented by three dots.

Step 3: From the menu that appears, select the Downloads and updates option.

Step 4: In the top right corner of the window, click the Get updates icon.

Step 5: Wait a few moments for the Windows Store to look for and download any available updates, then install any downloaded updates.

Step 6: When the download is finished, exit the Windows Store and see if the issue still exists.

 4. Allow Side-loading of Apps

Enabling side-loading on the application is another viable solution to the “This app can’t run on your PC” error; this feature is activated when the Windows 10 user enables Developer mode for the application. To enable application side-loading, follow the steps below.

Step 1: To begin, click the Start button in the taskbar’s bottom left corner.

Step 2: From the far left menu, select the Windows Setting icon.

Step 3: Finally, choose the Update and Security option.

Step 4: On the left side of the window, select For developers.

Step 5: Enable the Developer mode option radio button under the Use developer features section.

When you enable Developer mode on your machine, app side-loading will become available. After that, restart your computer and see whether the “This app can’t run on your PC” issue notice has been resolved when it appears.

5. Disable SmartScreen 

SmartScreen is a feature in Windows 10 that is designed to safeguard your system from various forms of intrusions. In certain situations, however, it has the opposite effect, causing injury to your system.

If SmartScreen is causing the “This app can’t run on your PC” error message to appear, deactivating the feature will fix the issue. Follow these instructions to turn off the SmartScreen on your computer.

Step 1: Using the Windows search bar, look for the Control Panel feature on your system and choose it from the results to open it.

Step 2: From the Control Panel window, select the System and Security icon, followed by the Security and Maintenance option.

Step 3: Select the Change Windows SmartScreen settings option from the window’s left side menu.

Step 4: From the window, select the Do not do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen) radio button.

Step 5: Click OK to save the changes, then restart your computer.

Check if the problem has been resolved after the system has booted up. If that doesn’t work, try the last option.

6. Switch 

If none of the solutions listed above were successful in resolving your problem, the issue could be related to your system’s user account. Switching to a new user account will help you in this scenario. To create a new Administrator account on your system, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: To begin, click the Start button in the taskbar’s bottom left corner.

Step 2: From the far left menu, select the Windows Setting icon.

Step 3: Finally, click on the Accounts icon.

Step 4: On the left side of the window, select the Family & other users option.

Step 5: Click the button next to the Add someone else to this PC option in the Other users area.

Step 6: Next, select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Choose Add a user without a Microsoft account from the drop-down menu and enter new user account details.

Step 8: The newly added account should now display in the Other users area.

Step 9: After that, choose the new account and click Change account type.

Step 10: Next, select the Administrator from the dropdown menu by clicking on Account type.

Step 11: Finally, select OK and restart your computer.

The newly established Administrator user account will be opened when the system starts up. Examine the new user account to see if the error has been fixed.

If the new user account isn’t causing any problems, then transfer all of your personal data and files from the old user account to the new user account. Delete the old user account from your machine after that.

We hope that the options provided above assist you in resolving the “This app can’t run on your PC” error. Also, before removing the previous user account, make sure you transfer all of your crucial files from it. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments area below.

Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003 – Fixed


Some of our users have complained that they are unable to use any NVIDIA Experience features since the software crashes when they try to access it, displaying the Error Code 0x0003

The error message that appears in the majority of cases is “Something went wrong.” Restart your computer and then open GeForce Experience. “Error Code: 0x0003” appears in a dialogue window with simply a close option. This problem can be found in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems.


In this page, we’ve compiled a list of difficulties reported by different users and provided a brief remedy for each. As a result, we’ve discovered that there isn’t a single cause for this issue; the cause may vary depending on the user. We’ve included a list of them below.

What Causes Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003 In NVIDIA Experience?

The Nvidia Telemetry Container is not permitted to interact with the desktop– The Nvidia Telemetry Container is not permitted to interact with the desktop, which is one of the key causes of this issue. However, this can be readily remedied by permitting interaction via the Services screen.

Nvidia Local System Container, Nvidia Display Service, and Nvidia Network Service Container are among the critical Nvidia Services that are not running and must be enabled or else this issue would occur in your system.

Corrupted Nvidia driver– This problem can also occur if some of your system’s GPU’s drivers are corrupted.

Glitched Network Adapter– This error can also occur if your system’s network adapters become jammed.

Windows Update messed up your GPU driver– This error has also been reported to appear following a Windows Update. However, reinstalling the Nvidia drivers will fix the problem.

How to Fix Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Here are the options available to you.

1. Allowing The Nvidia Telemetry Container To Interact With The Desktop 

Many of our users have reported that using the Service screen to confirm that the Nvidia Telemetry container is permitted to interface with the desktop and that the service is launched, they were able to resolve the error code 0x0003.

Unlike before, the error in Nvidia Experience stopped occuring for several of them after completing this procedure. The procedures listed below must be followed in order for the Nvidia Telemetry container to interface with the desktop.

Step 1: To open the Run dialogue box, press Windows key + R at the same time.

Step 2: In the Run dialogue box, type services.msc and hit Enter.

Step 3: The Services window will appear; if prompted, select Yes to provide UAC administrator privileges.

Step 4: Locate Nvidia Telemetry Container in the Services screen list, right-click on it, and select Properties from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Once the Nvidia Telemetry Container Properties window is opened, go to the Log On tab and check the box next to Allow service to interface with desktop. To save your new modifications, click Apply.

Step 6: Now go back to the Services tab and check for the services listed below.

Display Service by Nvidia

Container for Nvidia’s Local System

Nvidia Network Service Container is a container for Nvidia’s network services.

Select Start from the list of menus that appears on the right side when you right-click on them.

Step 7: Once all of the services have been enabled, try running the operation that was causing the error code 0x0003 earlier to see if the problem has been resolved.

If the issue remains, proceed to the next remedy listed below.

 2. Uninstalling and Reinstalling all Nvidia Components

Several users also reported that when they uninstalled and then reinstalled the GeForce Experience, including all Nvidia drivers, the problem was automatically resolved.

Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003 stopped occuring after they completed this operation and restarted the PC. To fix the problem, follow these instructions to reinstall all Nvidia components.

Step 1: To open the Run dialogue box, press Windows key + R at the same time.

Step 2: In the Run dialogue box, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.

Step 3: When the Programs and Features page appears, select Publisher to sort all installed applications by publisher order.

Step 4: Now, go to the Nvidia Corporation-published software and right-click on each one, then pick Uninstall from the list of menus on the right side.

Step 5: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all Nvidia applications have been uninstalled.

Step 6: Reboot your computer and wait for it to start up again.

Step 7: Go to https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/ and select the Download Now option.

To download, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 8: The missing drivers will be installed automatically once this programme has been downloaded and installed.

Step 9: After all of the new drivers have been installed, restart your computer to see if the error has been repaired.

Switch to the next method of resetting the Network Adapters if the fault persists.

3. Resetting The Network Adapter

The Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003 error can also be repaired by resetting the network adapter’s software to its default configuration, according to several of our users.

Winsock reset or comms reinstall are terms used to describe the process of resetting network devices. To reset the Network adapters, follow the procedures below.

Step 1: To open the Run dialogue box, press Windows key + R at the same time.

Step 2: In the Run dialogue box, type cmd and click Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

Step 3: This will bring up an elevated Command prompt; if requested, click Yes to grant UAC administrative access.

Step 4: To reset the network adapter driver, type Netsh winsock reset into the elevated Command Prompt and press Enter.

After the command has been successfully executed, restart your computer to see if the error has been addressed. This procedure is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

 4. Manually Installing The Latest Graphics Driver

If none of the preceding techniques worked, the error is most likely caused by a corrupted GPU driver, which can only be fixed by manually uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver.

This solution has been claimed by many of our users to fix this problem for them. To manually install the latest graphics driver, follow the instructions outlined below.

Step 1: To open the Run dialogue box, press Windows key + R at the same time.

Step 2: In the Run dialogue box, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.

Step 3: When the Programs and Features page appears, select Publisher to sort all installed applications by publisher order.

Step 4: Now, go to the Nvidia Corporation drivers and right-click on each one, then pick Uninstall from the list of menus that appears on the right side.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 until every Nvidia driver linked with your system’s GPU has been uninstalled. If prompted, select Yes to allow the drivers to be removed.

Step 6: Restart your computer after uninstalling all Nvidia-related software.

Step 7: Go to https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and set up your GPU model, operating system version, series, and language once the system has restarted.

Then select Search to obtain the most recent version of the driver for your GPU configuration.

Step 8: Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen prompts to install the downloaded drivers.

Check to see whether the problem has been resolved. If not, try the last method, which will undoubtedly assist you.

5. Creating a New User Account 

This strategy will undoubtedly work for you if all of the other options have failed. After removing all Nvidia-related software and drivers, create a new user account with administrator credentials using this approach. Install the drivers again to see if the problem has been resolved.


We hope the solutions we offered in this post were helpful in resolving the problem number 0x0003 for you. If you have any more questions or recommendations, please leave them in the comments area.

Confirm Form Resubmission Error – Fixed


The internet, which is a big and ever-growing component of our lives, has completely transformed our world, and it continues to do so even as you read this piece.

Put Simply explained, the internet is a collection of data from various devices that has been compiled into a single location for anyone to examine. A browser is the most convenient way to gain access to the Internet; it allows us to navigate the web at our leisure.

The World Wide Web was the first publicly accessible Web browser. Tim Berners-Lee was the one who created it.

how to guides
how to guides

Among the many browsers available today, Google’s Chrome Browser stands out and has successfully established its image to the point where, whenever you think of a web browser, Chrome comes to mind.

Although it sees a lot of use these days, it also has a few faults that create both frustration and disappointment among users, and one of them is the Confirm Form Resubmission error, which is one of the most common errors or even a bug that one encounters while surfing the internet.

Typically, we receive an error notice instructing us to resubmit the data by pressing the reload button.

In Google Chrome, Why Does the Confirm Form Resubmission Dialog Appear?

Form Resubmission Confirmation On Chrome and many other browsers, a dialogue box appears. It frequently displays when you try to reload a page that didn’t have any forms in the first place.

It’s also triggered if you try to send the same information repeatedly on the same page while refreshing it. Other causes of these types of pop-up notifications include a lack of sufficient internet connectivity or clicking the back button when filling out a form.

The Confirm Form Resubmission pop-up message displays on certain sorts of forms, such as login and signup forms, transaction forms, search forms, and any form with add, edit, update, or delete activities.

If the Confirm Form Resubmission error does not appear when purchasing flight tickets, buying clothes, or doing anything else online, your credit card or debit card may be charged twice.

In Google Chrome, there are 8 ways to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission Error.

An internet user with superuser privileges can skip all permission checks. Instead of an error notice, the user has declared the confirm form resubmission method as a feature. However, we find it irritating when this notification keeps appearing on our screen.

There are numerous solutions for correcting this type of problem that have been presented to us. Today, in this article, we’ll go through eight different solutions that practically anyone may use to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission.

1. Getting Rid of the POST Method

Replacing the POST method is the first method we may utilise to fix this error. When submitting a form, the POST request method asks the webserver to accept and save the data given by the user. We use the POST technique since it assures that the details are hidden from the user.

We can replace the POST method with the GET method instead. The GET method also allows the user to make changes to the data on the website. You only need to follow the procedures outlined below to put this strategy into action: –

Remove POST from your URL and replace it with GET.

POST form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=”post”> should be removed.


2. Chrome Settings

A Google Chrome user was once so irritated by the Confirm Form Resubmission message that he developed a solution to suppress these error messages using Google Chrome properties.

Step 1: First, locate and right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut icon.

Step 2: Go to the properties menu.

Step 3: After selecting properties, you’ll get a dialogue box with a field labelled target.

Step 4: If the target is “C:Program Files(x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe,” for example.

Step 5: Finally, add “-disable-prompt-on-repost” to the end of the target.

Step 6: At this point, your target URL will change to

“C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication disable-prompt-on-repost

Step 7: After that, simply shut and reopen Google Chrome.

Step 8: Finally, check to see if the same type of pop-up message shows after refreshing the website.

If you want to use the Google Chrome Properties technique to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission error, make sure you have two Google Chrome shortcut icons on your desktop. One of the shortcuts will have default settings, while the other will have the properties listed above.

3. Turn Off Cross-browser Motion

As some have said, this popup notification is a feature that is triggered when we unintentionally navigate backward or forward.

This problem can be prevented on touch screen devices by removing the browser’s motion buttons. On touch screen devices, you must disable the sliding option so that the popup does not show even if you move your finger accidently.

4. Delete Your Google Chrome Browsing History

It’s a good idea to erase your internet history every now and again. It aids in the correction of the confirm form resubmission error and is also beneficial to your device. Make sure you’ve selected all of the options when cleaning your browser’s data.

History of browsing, cookies, passwords, media licencing, and so forth. Close the Google Chrome window after successfully removing one’s browser history, then relaunch Google Chrome. Overseal if the error persists. Follow the steps below to employ this method of error correction: –

Step 1: To begin, open the Google Chrome app and select the pop-up menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Next, select More Tools.

Step 3: Choose Clear Browsing Data from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the Advanced Tool option and the “All time” time range from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Check that all of the settings, such as browsing history, cookies, and passwords, are checked.

Step 6: Next, select the Clear Data option to delete all browsing history.

Step 7: Finally, refresh your browser to see if the problem persists.

5. Reset Chrome’s Preferences

Cleaning your browser data and resetting the Chrome browser settings are fairly similar. It enables the browser to revert to its default settings. Follow the instructions below to utilise this way to fix the confirm form resubmission error:

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome app and select the pop-up menu in the upper right corner.

of the display

Step 2: Next, select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a Show Advanced Setting Option, which you should select.

Step 4: Look for the option Restore settings to their original defaults and select it.

Step 5: When you’re finished, click Reset Settings and exit.

Step 6: Finally, refresh your browser to see if the problem persists.

6. Disable Extensions 

When you receive an error message that says “The extension may have been corrupted,” it signifies that the extension’s files have been modified, and Chrome will disable the extension to safeguard you. Disable and then re-enable your corrupted extensions to fix the problem.

To use this way to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission, go through the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome app and select the pop-down menu in the upper right corner.

of the display

Step 2: Next, on the pop-up menu, select More Tools from the drop-down menu, then Extensions.

Step 3: Scroll through the folders until you find the corrupted extension.

Step 4: Finally, disable and then enable the corrupted extension.

Step 5: Finally, restart your browser to see if the popup message persists.

7. Use the PRG Pattern 

The POST /Redirect /GET pattern is commonly referred to as PRG. As previously stated, the PRG pattern is the best way for storing material in web forms.

We’ve seen how to solve the issue of the confirming form resubmission popup by replacing the POST method with the GET method; we can do the same by switching the POST method to the whole PRG Pattern.

You should create your page in such a way that it does not send data to the server directly. Rather, insert a page between the current page and that page. The request is then passed through one more step, changing the technique from GET to POST, preventing the popup notice from displaying.

In case the Username and Password combination does not match and you do not want to be redirected to the Login Page, we have attached an example by Mike from Stack Overflow to discover an error message:-

$user = new User; $user->login($ POST[‘username’], $_POST[‘password’]); if(!empty($ POST[‘username’] &&!empty($ POST[‘password’])

if ($user->isLoggedIn()) header(“Location: /admin/welcome.php”); exit; if ($user->isLoggedOut()) header(“Location: /admin/welcome.php”); exit; else header(“Location: /login.php?invalid login”);

8. AJAX Submit Button

After you’ve submitted the form, you should try utilising jQuery’s AJAX function. The form will not reload if you do this. You simply need to add the given step to your page’s code to accomplish this.



“POST” is what you should type.

“bin/validation.php” is the URL. success: datastring datastring datastring datastring datastring datastring datastring datastring datastring data



/Do whatever you want following a successful submission.



( )

return null;

AJAX is a PHP function that is used to validate information entered by a user in a form. And if the information is validated, it indicates that the form submission was successful and returns false, ensuring that even if the page is reloaded, the Confirm Form Resubmission Dialog box will not show.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the Confirm Form Resubmission issue is a source of aggravation for many Google Chrome users, and it not only affects the user’s experience but also the company’s image as a whole. This problem is not one that occurs infrequently; it has been reported by various people, and at several times.

If you’re looking for a solution to this problem, we hope you’ve learned something useful from this post. The eight options mentioned aren’t necessarily permanent solutions. In other words, they only serve you for a limited time, but they are unquestionably effective and simple to use.

Hopefully, a permanent solution to the Confirm Form Resubmission Error will be available shortly. And, with the launch of Microsoft Edge, the company’s new web browser, Google Chrome will have a lot of catching up to do.

How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder


You’ve probably seen a lot of gamers broadcasting their methods and tactics to the rest of the world via gaming platforms all over the world. Gamers may also be required to take screenshots at times, offer specific information, or report a problem or flaw in the game.

According to Steam’s capabilities, you may quickly take a screenshot of your screen while steaming any game by using the F12 function key (hotkey). A message will also be sent to you stating the same. Without exiting the game, you can share or post this screenshot. This screenshot will also be stored to your system’s steam folder.

How to Locate and Use the How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder

It’s possible that you won’t be able to find the folder or snapshot you took. However, with these two suggestions, this problem can be simply fixed.

1. Access Screenshot Manager Folder

The first method is to access it through the screenshot manager folder, and the second method is to access it physically, via hard disc storage. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Screenshot Manager is a programme that allows you to take screenshots of your computer screen. By following these instructions, you can simply access a screenshot obtained while steaming in the Screenshot Manager folder of your steaming platform:

Step 1: To begin, go to your streaming platform and log in.

Step 2: Select View from the upper left corner of the Menu Bar.

Step 3: From the dropdown menu, select Screenshots.

Step 4: Finally, select Show on Disk from the drop-down menu.

After completing the last step, you can now access your steam screenshots directly from your hard disc. You can also permanently delete the unwanted screenshots by erasing them from your hard drive.

Upload and delete screenshots directly from the Steam platform with Screenshot Manager.

2. Manually Accessing the Screenshots Folder

There is a folder for each system that contains all of the screenshots taken during the game.

This folder is normally found in the folder of your installed steam platform, which is situated on your system’s C Drive by default. From this folder, you can delete or share your screenshot. It can be found easily by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to your system’s Local Disk C (or the disc where you installed the steam platform) and open the folder Program Files (x86).

Step 2: Go to the UserData subfolder in the Stream folder.

Step 3: Go to the folder named after your SteamID and open it.

Step 4: Open the remote folder by selecting the 760 folder within it.

Step 5: Locate and open the application ID folder.

Step 6: Finally, choose the Screenshots folder, which will house all of your game screenshots.

How Do You Figure Out What Your SteamID Is?

Your SteamID can be seen in your Stream Client’s view option. Select options from the dropdown menu, and then look for the “Display Steam URL address when accessible” option in the interface. Save the URL since the number at the end of the URL is your SteamID. And now you can find the screenshots folder for your SteamID.

Final Thoughts

We hope this information was useful in locating your Steam’s Screenshot folder. Please leave any recommendations or questions in the comments section.

How to Fix Unable to Initialize Steam API Error


A player can run across a variety of issues from time to time, and the Unable to Initialize Steam API error is another one to add to the list. When you launch the game in your Steam library, the Unable to Initialize Steam API issue displays, and it prohibits customers from opening the game in Steam.

The Unable to Initialize Steam API problem can happen for no apparent reason. It could be an issue with your Steam client, your firewall, or your antivirus software. The reason for this is as anonymous as the remedy. However, there are many things we can do, which we have mentioned in this article.

What Are The Causes?

This inaccuracy can have a variety of explanations and causes, which vary from person to person. However, we’ve included a few of the most typical causes below:

  • Your system’s firewall is blocking the executable for your game, which is preventing you from connecting to the Internet.
  • Your game must have been disabled by Comodo Internet Security’s Auto-Containment list.
  • This problem has also been linked to unfinished or faulty Steam beta clients.

How to Fix Unable to Initialize Steam API Error 3 Solutions

Take a look.

1. Make An Exception 

Before we move on to the more sophisticated approaches for resolving this mistake, let’s attempt this one first. According to the users, it is the one who has aided them the most.

This solution is based on the fact that an active third-party firewall or the active Windows Defender Firewall might occasionally prevent the game from correctly executing or hindering its internet connection.

Note: If you have a third-party firewall installed on your computer, the instructions for permitting a certain programme vary depending on the type of firewall. In this scenario, a quick Google search will provide you with the necessary directions for locating the problem.

However, if you’re using Windows Firewall, you’ll need to take the actions listed below to allow this programme.

Step 1: Using the Windows search bar in the lower-left corner, near to the Windows logo, look for the Control Panel feature on your system and choose it from the results to open it.

Step 2: When the Control Panel window appears, click on the System and Security icon, then on the Windows Defender Firewall option.

Step 3: From the list of options on the left side of the window, select “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.”

Step 4: A list of your system’s installed programmes will now appear. Select the game app with the problematic entry and select the boxes next to it for both Private and Public networks.

Step 5: Restart your computer by clicking OK.

Now try to open the game via Steam with the faulty start. Check to see if the “Unable to initialise Steam API” error is still present or if it is working normally. If the issue remains, move on to the next option.

2. Restart Steam 

One of the most common reasons of this problem is the Steam Beta client. Being a member of the Steam beta programme has various benefits, such as receiving new updates before the rest of the Steam community.

However, this benefit is contingent on you agreeing to test the new feature, which may be buggy or incomplete at times. This flaw can also spoil your gaming experience by causing this error.

Even if you opt out of specific Steam beta projects, you may still experience this issue if you just restart the Steam beta project by closing it fully and then reopening it. In this instance, we recommend that you resolve the problem by following the procedures listed below.

Step 1: Using the Windows search bar in the lower-left corner, near to the Windows logo, look for your Steam client and choose it from the results to launch it.

Step 2: Click on Settings from the Steam menu in the upper right corner of the client’s screen.

Step 3: Next, go to the Account tab and click on the Change button beneath the Beta Participation area.

Step 4: A new window titled Beta participation – Steam will display; select NONE – Opt-out of all beta programmes from the dropdown menu and click the OK button.

Step 5: To truly exit Steam, click the Steam option in the upper left of the window and select Exit. Make sure you don’t press the X button in the window’s upper right corner.

Step 6: Next, right-click on the Windows Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the menu that appears, or press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time to launch it.

Step 7: In the enlarged Task Manager, under Background processes, select all Steam-related processes such as Steam.exe, Steam Client Bootstrapper, or GameOverlayUI.exe, and so on.

Step 8: Select one at a time, right-click on it, and select End job from the right-hand expanded menu.

Step 9: In the pop-up warning box that appears, click Yes to confirm how stopping this process will effect other programmes in your system.

Step 10: Finally, as indicated in the first step, reopen the Steam client and run the game from the Steam Library tab. See if the problem is fixed or not.

Note: If the methods above didn’t solve your problem, there is another way to opt-out of all Steam beta projects and exit Steam entirely.

We’ve listed a few procedures for you to follow in order to resolve the problem in your system. We may advise you to perform future activities by running the Steam.exe client in administrator mode, since this has shown to be useful for some of our users.

Step 1: On the Start menu, the desktop, or the Search result window, search for the Steam executable and right-click on it to access its properties.

Step 2: In the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab and check the box next to the Run this programme as an administrator option, then apply the changes.

Step 3: Confirm any dialogues that appear during the process of making changes to ensure that you are acting as an administrator.

Step 4: From now on, Steam will launch in administrator mode.

Step 5: Double-click on Steam’s icon to open it again, then try to run the game again to see if the message How to Fix Unable to Initialize Steam API Error still appears.

This approach will most likely solve your Steam opening issue. But if it doesn’t work, try the last option.

3. On Comodo Internet Security, Disable Auto-Containment

If you use or have ever used the Comodo antivirus programme on your computer, you may have noticed that its Auto-Containment feature, which is triggered automatically, sometimes completely bans other apps for no apparent reason.

In this instance, you have two options: stop the Auto-Containment feature or search the list of prohibited programmes for the game’s executables and delete them to cure the problem immediately. Follow these steps to fix the problem by disabling the Auto-Containment option.

Step 1: Double-click the Comodo Internet Security icon on your desktop to open the user interface.

Step 2: Now, on the Home screen, choose the Settings button to access the Settings window, and then select the Containment tab.

Step 3: Select the Auto-Containment sub-section once the Containment tab has opened.

Step 4: Uncheck the Enable Auto-Containment checkbox at the top of the window when the Auto-Containment section opens. Unchecking this feature will prohibit it from blocking other programmes, which may solve your problem if it is caused by this.

You can also locate the game’s executable from the Enable Auto-containment option’s list and disable their slider. It will no longer prevent programmes from your game as a result of this. After you’ve confirmed the updated adjustments, try launching your game again.

Final Thoughts

We hope the methods suggested above were helpful in resolving this issue. We recognise how inconvenient this issue can be for gamers. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section.

Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Online in 2023


Putlocker, as we all know, is one of the best sites for watching movies and TV series for free. As a result, we’ve included some of the greatest alternatives to it in this article. Alternatives to Putlocker will give you access to high-quality streaming content.

Putlocker Alternatives

In 2023, there are ten alternatives to Putlocker for watching movies online. People are looking for Putlocker alternatives due of its popularity. Take a look at our list of Putlocker alternatives.


1. 123Movies

123Movies is a well-known streaming site that focuses on streaming movies and TV shows while keeping its users’ safety and comfort in mind. And those are the things that one looks for in a movie streaming service.

It’s also known for having a large index list of TV shows and movies where you may find anything you want to watch. It also provides kid’s cartoons in addition to TV shows and movies.

Movies and TV shows are well-categorized on 123Movies, with categories, release years, and alphabetical order. It also displays the highest rated and most viewed films, which aids in the discovery of excellent films. It also suggests new movies and TV shows based on your previous viewings.

As a result, 123Movies might be a great option to Putlocker for all of your entertainment streaming needs.


MegaShare is thought to contain the largest collection of movies, TV shows, and animations. Among all the streaming services available, this features one of the most clear and user-friendly interfaces. It has a large customer base due to its user-friendly UI.

You can view your favourite movie right now because there is no need to register. The movies and TV shows are organised by rating, release year, genre, and title, making it simple to find any film you’re looking for. It’s compatible with both cellphones and computers.

It is also famous among video streaming sites due to its rapid speed and various viewing quality options. It also includes subtitles, which practically every user appreciates. Overall, it’s a fantastic Putlocker substitute.

3. Rainierland

Rainierland popped up as one of the finest Putlocker alternatives when we were compiling a list of the greatest Putlocker alternatives.

It does not have the most user-friendly interface, but it offers other benefits that compensate for this. You can, for example, search for a movie or TV show on Rainierland by the actor’s name in addition to searching by genre, date of release, name, and rating.

You can choose from a large library of TV episodes and movies. Rainierland has it all, whether it’s old or modern. You may also watch the most recent movie trailers on this website.

Its sole flaw is that it does not come without advertisements, which some users find irritating. However, since it is free, it isn’t a bad idea to watch a few advertisements.

4. Films on Demand

Fmovies is another well-known name that appears on lists of the greatest free movie streaming services, such as Putlocker. It has a sleek, modern, and user-friendly interface. The UI is the primary element that distinguishes it from other movie streaming sites.

Because to its simple layout, you may effortlessly explore between movies and TV series. The films are listed in order of category, release year, and FMovies ratings. If you’re having trouble with the movie’s quality, you can use a VPN to get an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Because it is free, you may have to view a few advertisements on FMovies. However, the interface feature effectively compensates for all of the flaws.

5. GoMovies

This website, like any other free movie streaming service, is a good alternative to Putlockers and has a lot to offer. The UI is simple and elegant, as well as user-friendly.

The movies and TV shows are listed in alphabetical order by title, release year, genre, and IMDb rating. On the site, you may choose from thousands of movies and TV episodes. New movies and TV shows are released on a regular basis.

It has a lot of advantages over other streaming services, but the primary disadvantage is that it has a lot of obnoxious advertisements that flash up while you’re watching a movie. Overall, it’s a nice Putlocker substitute.

6. MovieWatcher

Another excellent Putlocker option is MovieWatcher, which can be found on the internet. Its robust library, which offers a large number of movies and TV series to choose from as well as a well-organized playlist, is one of its best and most popular features.

You can look for your favourite movie or TV show by genre, top rating, release date, and popularity. A search menu is offered on the homepage for easy navigation and structuring of the site. You may also use the search menu to look for a movie or TV show.

It has a separate category for recently released and most popular movies and TV shows, so you can watch the most recent releases right away.It works on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

7. LosMovies

Another good source for free streaming is Los Movies, however the movies, TV shows, and documentaries available are all in English. It does, however, have a number of subtitles to pick from, and they are available in a range of languages. It has subtitles in practically every major language, from Albanian to Swedish to Croatian.

As a result, people who do not speak English can easily enjoy online films and television series. The most recent releases and most popular TV shows and movies are usually listed on the front page, making them easy to find. The majority of them are also accessible in full HD.

The built-in video player of the Los Movies site might sometimes be blocked by your ad blocker, which is a big flaw. Apart from this flaw, it performs admirably for users.

8. SolarMovie

Another free, actually good service for watching movies and TV shows, and a superior option to Putlocker, is Solar Movie. It includes a large library of movies, documentaries, and TV episodes that is updated on a regular basis.

It features a very responsive and user-friendly interface, which is only one of the many benefits of this website. You may watch your movie by sorting it by name, release date, and genre, just like on most other sites.

These characteristics of this website are the reasons why it is a viable alternative to Putlocker. You may also stream or download your favourite movies or TV series from this site on both PCs and smartphones.

9. YesMovies

YesMovies is a fantastic alternative to Putlocker for watching free movies and TV episodes online. On its website, it includes over 9000 HD movies, documentaries, and TV shows, which is more than enough entertainment for someone to watch in a lifetime.

Furthermore, these films and television series are well-organized, making it simple to find your favourite films and television episodes by searching for them by genre, name, release date, and top IMDb ratings.

This website features a lovely, user-friendly interface that makes it easier and more enjoyable to use.

10. Movie4U

In addition to Putlockers, Movie4u is a fantastic alternative. It, too, is a completely free streaming service where you may view your favourite movies, documentaries, and TV series, just like the other options. The films are arranged in chronological order by genre, release date, rating, and title.

The site’s interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, so any user may utilise it without difficulty. A search menu is also provided at the top of the webpage, allowing you to quickly find any movie or TV show by typing it into the search box.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide was helpful in locating the finest free Putlocker alternative for you. If you have any more questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.