Top 7 Alternatives of CricHD Live Streaming


Live streaming of sport is quite common these days, you can easily find people around you who are doing live streaming of their favorite sport.

The interesting thing about sport streaming sites is you can access these sites for free as well as at any time.

I think it is a good thing, during lockdown we are not able to go outside for playing games and all. But we can enjoy our favorite sport by watching them. It is also an exciting activity to do.

Now the problem is finding the best site because there are a lot of sites available on the internet. Out of them, CricHD is a well-known site among all users.

CricHD is quite a good and best site for streaming matches especially cricket matches. This site provides streaming for other sports also but all the content is not free to access.

This caused trouble among all users, and they move to search for other alternatives of it. So you don’t need to worry, we came up with the top 7 alternatives of CricHD.

These sites have the same features as you find in CricHD. And also you can access the content on these sites free of cost.So check out this list of top 7 alternatives of CricHD for live streaming of your favorite sport.

Top 7 Alternatives of CricHD Live Streaming

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a well-known website for live streaming of movies, TV shows, and various sports channels for free. This site provides you many Live sports matches and updates.

You can use this site for streaming various live matches on the Star Sports channel. All the content available on this site is approximately in 9 languages and of good quality as well.

Ad-free videos make it more popular among their users. If you also hate ads in between your streaming then it is the best option for you.

2. BBC iPlayer

It is another alternative to CricHD for live streaming. Although the content available on this site is not completely free. But you can access various sports events and matches for free.

The search bar option on its home page allows users to search sports as per their choice. Here you can also get news updates and there are other options to explore.

So, give it a try to this site and watch a variety of sports videos in HD quality. And you don’t need to worry about any security issues. As the content presented on this site is legal.


I think you all know about SONY LIV – a very popular site for streaming various TV shows, movies, news, and sports as well.

This site allows you to enjoy live streaming of matches especially cricket matches. If you are a cricket lover then this site is for you guys!

4. Loala1

This is designed only for sports lovers. Here you can watch a variety of sports like cricket, soccer, tennis, hockey, handball, etc. As this site provides only sport-related content, hence you don’t need to go anywhere just go through this site.

The exciting part about it is you never find any buffering on this site as it has a superfast server. So, enjoy your favorite sport with good quality and without buffering.

5.  Sky Sports

Sky Sports site’s name came after from a famous British Sports TV channel, Sky Sports. This site provides a wide range of sports channels for streaming. The content available on this site is of a wide range.

And also you can enjoy watching your favorite sport in good quality. Its features are amazing and easy to access which’s why it gains popularity.

The interface of the site is well organized and you can easily find your choice of sports. Along with sports videos, matches, you can also get news updates related to matches, scores, and all.

6. MyLiveCricket

Like its name, you can understand that this site is for cricket lovers. On this site, you can enjoy live streaming of all cricket matches across the world.

You don’t need to face any kind of server problem as this site has four servers.Here, you have the option to move on any server which works properly.

Although the quality of the content on this site is good ads make its use quite disturbing. Otherwise, it is a very good and well-organized site for streaming cricket matches.

7. VipBox

It is last on our list but It has many exciting features. Here you get a vast range of sports and you can enjoy live streaming of any sport.

If you love sports and enjoy matches then this site is the best alternative you can choose.As here you can find various links for streaming.

Sports lovers prefer this site for all the live sports matches streaming purposes. This site especially covers football and soccer matches, but you can also find cricket, basketball, and many more matches for streaming.

You don’t need to worry about the ads and other disturbing things on this site, and you can enjoy streaming peacefully. Therefore we suggest this site to all football and soccer lovers.

Well, the interface and the content of this site are completely safe and legal so enjoy it freely.


As we see around us we find that everyone loves sports and wants to watch them live. But with the busy schedule, they don’t get time, so these sites connect sports lovers to their sports.

They can able to watch their favorite sport at any place with just one click. This is all possible because of sport streaming sites.

Another interesting thing is you can access these sites for free. Due to all this, CricHD becomes popular among sports lovers. But all the content of this site is not for free that’s why we bring many alternatives for you.

So don’t stop your streaming and enjoy watching your favorite sport on these sites. You get not only good quality content but also free accessibility.


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