Top 10 Chia Anime Alternatives


If you are an anime lover then, of course, you listen to Chia Anime – a free anime website to watch the latest animated movies and series. Chia Anime provides top anime series to its users with quite good features.

It has a huge collection of various anime movies, series, and top-rated programs like Highschool of the Dead, Naruto and so many.

It has movies of all genres such as comedy, action, thriller, and adventure, etc mostly in two languages are English and Japanese.

With all these features it gained much fame among all anime lovers and more downloaded sites. But now all the services of this site are gone shut down due to copyright reasons.

But we understand your problem and we have come up with this article to help you to select the best alternative in place of Chia Anime.

So go through this article and select any one option which you like the most. Let continue your journey of anime movies watching with one of the given sites.

Top 10 Chia Anime Alternatives

1. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is the best streaming website for various anime series and movies. If you are a fan of animated movies and series then surely you know about it. It has a user-friendly interface.

You get the latest animated movies and TV shows here as they updated their content from time to time. There is a list available according to the various categories.

It is similar to another anime website, here you get a similar kind of service as you experienced on another site. The movies and TV shows available on this site are of good quality and you can adjust the quality as well.

The annoying thing about it is ads in between the movies that are not much liking part. Overall it is the best site for online watching animated movies in just one click.

To access all of its features you just need to do registration and yes you are ready to watch anime movies.

2. KissAnime

It is another streaming website for all anime lovers. It has many unique features which give it millions of users. It gains popularity among its users because of these features.

You can access the content and download it. It has a well-organized and user-friendly interface which is the best thing about accessing this site.

Another thing is they update the content hence you get new series and movies. You can also search for your favorite movies and series as they give you a search option as well.

3. Animeheaven

If you are an anime lover and want to watch animated movies for free, so this is for you guys. This site offers a huge variety of movies and series with downloading facility.

Like other sites, this site also provides movies and series along with a short description that gives a gist about the movie.It gives you a search option at the top so that you can search movies as per your choice.

It is the amazing thing about it. You can access this site very easily as it has a simple interface. So enjoy animated movies on this site.

4. Animeultima

Animeultima is another option in this list of anime movies website. It is also a free anime streaming website so you can enjoy your favorite anime movie.

Here you can mainly watch cartoon series, if you are a cartoon lover then it is the best site for you. This site has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Anyone, even a new user can also use it very easily. It also provides various series of dramas and novels. This is the extra feature of it.

You always get the latest animated series, here as they update the site regularly.Despite these, you can also get the downloading facility. Due to these features, it becomes more popular among free anime users.

5. Animeland

Animeland is an excellent website with its simple and attractive interface. This makes it more popular among anime lovers.

Well, all the categories of movies and series are easily observable on the top of the site so you can choose accordingly without wasting much time in searching.

The movies you can enjoy in any quality which you want, as you can adjust the video quality.  This site has a huge collection that you can access free of cost.

6. Animestreams

Animestreams is designed for all anime lovers as here they get anime movies and series for free. It provides a similar feature as you found in other anime streaming sites.

It is a fully free website where you will enjoy a variety of animated movies and series. Animestreams is the best site with its excellent features.

The interface is also very good and user-friendly. You have to go through it at once and access all its features for free. You will get a good experience of streaming.

7. 9Animes

Like the above ones, it is also designed for the streaming of animated movies and series. It is another streaming site for all anime lovers.

This site offers various kinds of categories of movies like romance, action, thriller, adventure, and comedy as well. All these different options give you more entertainment.

As the videos are available in good quality and also ad-free that is the exciting part of it. Another exciting thing about this is you don’t need to do any registration to watch movies.

That means all the content of this site is present for all users without registration.  To access all the content you just need to open the website and watch your favorite anime movie.

8. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is a good alternative to Chia Anime as it offers the same facilities as you get on Chia Anime site. But it also has some unique features that give it a little bit more users than other sites.

First of all, it offers all the anime movies or series for free. And also free subtitles give users the best experience. Although the interface is quite simple and easy to use the quality of the video is also good.

9. Animenova

Animenova- an anime streaming site, is simple and also very decent in appearance. It has a quite good interface as other sites have.

The movies are arranged as per their categories that are best for users to choose from, according to their interests.

And also it has updated content so that users can watch the latest anime movies and series. Hence it is the best option you have to try at once…

10. AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is the last option in our list of alternatives to Chia Anime, but of course not the least.

It has quite a good number of users. The movies and series available on this site are of different categories such as comedy, thrill, action, and many more.

As the interface is simple and easy to use hence a novice can also access it without experience.It provides free as well as a premium facility to all users.

The best thing about it is that they regularly update their content so users would watch the latest anime movies and series. They also concern with video quality so that users experience high-quality content.

Due to all these features, AnimePlanet becomes a popular anime streaming website. So don’t take it lightly, you get exciting experience on it…


Well, you all know that Chia-Anime – a free anime streaming website, is not exists so far. Many countries block it due to some security issues. But you don’t need to worry as we bring lots of other options for you in place of Chia Anime.

We hope you read this article thoroughly and get to know which site is best for you to enjoy anime movies. If you have other options despite the above one then please let us know.

And if you like anyone option out of the mentioned one then of course tell us in the comment section along with your experience with that website. Have a great watching.


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