10 Proxy Services for Anonymous Web Browsing


A proxy server acts as a mediator between the user and service provider or the internet. It brings the data on the internet on the behalf of the user.

Normally what happens when you surf on the internet, all your data like browsing history, and all are recorded by that server. In some cases, you can’t have accessibility to certain web content.

But when you use a proxy server, it hides your IP address and sends its IP address to the service providers. It allows you to browse restricted web content as well.Despite this, it also gives you security from internet malware.

Out of the security concern, some people use it to access those sites which are not accessible in their locations due to the restrictions imposed by the government and others.

Many companies also use proxy servers to store data in cache storage that they can access again without any problem. It is also used for sharing internet connections to various devices.

10 Free Proxy Services

Everyone wants all these benefits but for free. We know that that’s why we come up with this article- 10 Free Proxy Services for Anonymous Web Browsing. In this article, we cover all the Proxy services which you can access freely. So go through it find out which one you like.

1. Hidester

Hidester is a simple, fast, and free anonymous web proxy server. All its users give it good reviews and responses, that’s why it comes at the top of this list. It is a well-known server due to its reliability.

It has its servers mostly in the US and Europe. It protects all your information related to browsing history, logs in detail, and others.

Hidester also has free tools that are free to its users to access along with its web proxy features. These all could be an extra benefit for users to get in one place with a full security concern.

2. Hide.me

Hide.me is similar to the above one in protecting and hiding your online activities. In this way, it maintains to secure your privacy on any online platform.

It offers exciting features like no ads and all at no cost. That means you have a good offer to access such features for free. And no one wants to miss this opportunity.

Chrome web store gives an extension facility for it. Along with all these, it also provides a virtual private network for privacy and security concerns.

3. Proxysite.com

If you want to protect your data on social media websites then Proxysite.com does the best job for you. It hides your IP address so that you have accessibility to those sites which are restricted in your area.

By using it you don’t need to be in that country whose website you want to browse. It also provides an extra feature of block ads that gives it more popularity.

By using this server you can switch to many servers to use sites of multiple countries at the same time. They secure your browsing history and detail safely with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

4. Kproxy

Well, it is quite different from other proxy servers. It has many unique features that you will never get in any other. The best thing about this proxy server is, you don’t need to install other applications to use it on your device.

Like other proxy servers, it will also change your IP address. Although it is free but not fully free. Its free version has some time limit after that you have to purchase subscription plans.

In the Pro version, you will get an ad-free experience, downloads, and also accessibility to some of the premium servers. It also has extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

5. Hide My Ass

In short, it is HMA- a well-known VPN provider with a huge number of servers across multiple countries. It is available in the free and Pro version as well, so that users have the option to choose accordingly.

These two versions have their features such as the free version for simple private browsing and the pro version for games and apps. It allows you to access restricted sites. It protects you from online malware.

6. VPN Book

VPN Book has its servers in some countries like Europe, the USA, and the UK. It provides online security without any registration. That means you don’t need to go through sigh up the process and you can freely access this proxy server.

7. Whoer.net

Whoer.net is another type of proxy server with a wide range of popularity. Its servers are accessible in around 16 countries.

Everyone can use this proxy server very easily as it randomly selects a server for you so you don’t need to worry about the selection of a server. It is completely safe and secure to use.

It does not record your browsing history in this way you can easily surf on the internet without any security issue. But you have to login into it then only you have the accessibility of its features.

8. MegaProxy

This is the best proxy server among the given ones due to its unique features. Here you have the option to block cookies that you get whenever you go on any website. And also allows you to block ads.

Hence all these features make it different from others. But there is a disadvantage in using this server that you can access only a few websites at a time.

And also you aren’t able to use it on some media files or HTTPS sites. Except for this limitation, it is quite an excellent option for all users.

9. Zend2

Zend2 is considered the best proxy server for YouTube and Facebook. This server provides all privacy and security features without any charges. The other features of it are almost the same as you see in the other proxy sites.

Through this server, you can easily conceal your all online activity and protect yourself from internet malware. And also all of its services are free so anyone accesses them.

10. Croxyproxy

It is the best server for streaming online anonymously. And also you can access it for any kind of streaming whether it is audio or video. The interesting thing about it is you can use it without any other software or application.

Along with that users can access it on any OS like Android and Chrome OS. You can use it as an alternative to VPN as well.  Hence, it is a free and secure web proxy server.


Well out of these, there are other many proxy servers available on the internet. But we find these as the best one so we come up with this article of 10 Free Proxy Services for Anonymous Web Browsing.

Well, all of these options are good and of course free as well; we can’t give priority to any particular proxy servers. Because all of them have their own advantages and disadvantage.

That’s why we recommend all these proxy servers, now it’s your choice, and need to select which one you would use to secure your data online.

So, we hope now you get enough idea about what are proxy servers and why you have to use them. Try any of the given proxy servers to protect your privacy during surfing on the internet.

And in last please don’t forget to share your views on it and if you are using any of the proxy servers except these then tell us in the comment section. So enjoy your browsing and Keep yourself protected by using proxy servers.


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